Wedge Greene Director, Internet Middleware & Network Management, Soliel LLC (Client)

Interacting with Jay was a pleasure. We worked together to define the job descriptions and skills I needed for a new team. Then Jay filtered candidates and delivered a pool of candidates that nearly met my expectations. Jay adapted his process to my interview approach. After we refined together the search set up, based on discussion of the interviews of initial candidates, Jay delivered one of the closest matched set of prospect candidates I have seen in several decades. Jay ranks among the very best recruiting managers with whom I have worked.” April 23, 2014

Jim McAuley Chief Enterprise Architect, Soliel, LLC (Client)

“It has been great working with Jay, he is second to none as a recruiter consistently delivering the absolute best resources in a timely fashion. Jay’s dedication, attention to detail and hard work made my job much easier. Congrats Jay we will miss you!” March 28, 2014

John Buyna Program Manager, AECOM (Client)

“Jay is an Excellent person to work with. Reliable and will be your advocate in staffing your teams with the proper technical expertise. I have worked with Jay for about three years and have had excellent support for all of my staffing requirements.” October 2, 2013

Dale Gerdts Director of Information Technology Center, AECOM NSP (Client)

“Jay has been supporting my recruiting needs for three years and has done an excellent job finding the right person at the right price. Great communicator, I was always up to date regarding the status of requisitions. Thank you Jay and I wish you all the best.” October 1, 2013

Timothy Eisenhuth Network Manager, AECOM (Client)

“Jay is a hardworking, highly spirited and dedicated professional who continually pushes the bar to new levels of success. His Talent Acquisition skills garner much praise and are the catalyst for sustaining a well-qualified workforce. Jay routinely devotes countless hours to identifying the most qualified candidates for our company programs and it’s very easy for me to say that his steadfast performance is a large reason for the success of our many programs. Any company looking for an opportunity to surpass industry standards in Talent Acquisition should place Jay at the top of their list for consideration.” September 23, 2013

Lissa Evans Contracts Manager, AECOM National Security Programs (Client)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jay for several years now and know first hand that Jay is a true professional, always have gone above and beyond in his role as Recruiting Manager. I highly recommend Jay and his experience and expertise in the recruiting market, working with people and ensuring that processes are smooth and seamless. Jay has a specialized skill set.” September 11, 2013

Diane Williams PMP, CISSP, ITIL FV3, Program Manager, AECOM (Client)

” ‘Hands down’ The Best Recruiter out there. Not only does Jay care about meeting my needs within the multiple work centers but also the needs of the candidate. He always looks for the best fit; knows the job and knows the candidate’s skillset. He is responsive; he makes the candidate and employer feel that their needs are the most important to him. His follow through on the documentation is complete. He is my go-to recruiter. AECOM is blessed to have such an asset, and we are a better organization because we do.” September 10, 2013

Bobby Beduya Analyst Microcomputer Support, Capital Group (Networking)

“Jay is a solid experience recruiting manager, he went the extra mile by providing recommendation, insight and interviewing tips for me. It would be a tremendous advantage to have Jay on your side on a prospective opportunity!”August 15, 2012

David Hov Business Development/ Capture Manager, AECOM (Client)

Jay is a hard-charging recruiter. I especially appreciate his follow-ups and status checks with me to make sure he is delivering on my requirements.” September 10, 2013

Doug Munro [LION] Director of Technical Recruiting, Optimos (Networking)

“Jay is truly an exceptional performer in the Talent Acquisition realm. He moves beyond rote practices to integrate new technologies, applications, and analyses to create innovative strategies. Every conversation with Jay is a learning experience – he is able to dissect any situation and apply a unique analysis to it. From analysis to execution he is without peer in the field. I count myself fortunate to be able to reap the benefits of his insights.” April 9, 2012

Doug Newell Program Manager, AECOM (Client)

Jay is a very thorough recruiting manager. Always prepared for meetings, he understands the details and follows through to resolve problems. Highly recommended.” September 10, 2013

Matt Duren Technical Recruiter, Tenable Network Security (Networking)

“I had the chance to speak on a social recruiting panel with Jay during the Fall 2011 recruitDC event and was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge and technical abilities. He really understands his audience and how to communicate with them. Critical skills for any recruiting professional. He’s definitely one of the best in the cleared recruiting space!” March 29, 2012

Dina Flynn Corporate Recruiting Manager, Cleared Solutions, Inc. (Networking)

“Jay not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. The recruiting industry is very competitive and constantly changing. Jay stays on the pulse of what is happening in the market place and delivers top-notch service to all who work with him. I have been privileged to receive great advice from Jay. He tirelessly goes the extra mile and inspires me to do the same.” May 1, 2012

Liam M. Doherty Dir. Government Solutions SESC, Systems Engineering Services (Colleague)

“Jay is an extremely talented recruiter. Many recruiters could learn a great deal from his approach. When I worked with Jay I noticed immense strengths with reliability, follow through and the desire to succeed. He will excel in any role. People connect with Jay and in recruiting you need to have that ability. It can’t be taught, but Jay has it down. I would highly recommend Jay in any recruiting role. -Liam” March 27, 2012

Roxanne Ward, PHR, CIR Corporate Recruiter, Defense Sector, STG (Networking)

“Jay Perreault is one of the most talented and networked recruiters that I know in the DC metro region! He provides solid full lifecycle recruitment expertise centered on truly understanding the requirement and finding the best candidates to match. Jay’s approach with both hiring managers and candidates is professional and consultative and I’d highly recommend him for any lead recruiting role!” March 26, 2012

Adil Scott Technical Recruiter, Talent Acquisition, AECOM Federal Services Group, National Security Programs, AECOM (Colleague)

“Recommending Jay is like recommending someone who is a leader teacher and a big brother. Jay embodies everything that is positive and exceptional in the recruiting profession; and stands as a beacon of ethics and professionalism. Jay is also a tacit perfectionist, and a recognized leader of recruiting in the entire Washington DC area.

Coming to work for AECOM I immediately knew that I was joining a company that had a strong recruiting leader when I met Jay. Jay’s technical and business savvy impressed and astonished me. His understanding of requirements and his knowledge of technical professional and corporate recruiting was not only admirable; but I found myself being a student of recruiting again. Jay’s also has another admirable feat; and that is the ability to network and build relationships. This is clearly seen in Jay’s ability to create a site that is entirely devoted to recruiting and professionals. This site is, and is a site that gaining national prominence as a leader in the technical recruiting environment.

In conclusion Jay Perreault is a true leader and someone who continues to astonish me. I am truly honored to be a part of Jay’s team, and whole heartedly recommend Jay as a pilot to anyone that is seeking a next step in their career.” March 23, 2012

Asif Aslam (Placed client)

“Jay is a detailed oriented fellow who likes to do the job as if there’s no tomorrow.

Talented, knowledgeable, energetic, IT biker guy who has everything balanced out well for himself as well as people around him.

Two thumbs up for the good work!” March 21, 2012

Brian Ventura Sr. Director, Talent Acquisition, Federal Services Group, National Security Programs, AECOM (Colleague)

“Jay is a results oriented individual who stops at nothing to ensure 100% of his deliverables are met in support of the business. Jay is a very dedicated, hard-working employee who specializes in the Social Media aspects of recruiting.” March 21, 2012

Mark Cave GIS Program Manager, AECOM (Client)

“Jay is the best recruiter in the business. He recruits talented staff to support my Geospatial and IT programs. He’s an honest, straight up individual that take care of you during the recruiting and hiring process!” January 13, 2012

Eric Finch (Placed client)

“Jay is a great professional recruiter to work with. He provided me with solid information and honest answers to my questions. Once on the job, I found that the position lived up to all of the expectations that Jay had set for me.” August 1, 2010

Mark Antalosky MBA Management, Inc. Vice President, (Colleague)

“If I had my own company and I needed a true professional that gets positive results daily, gets task done on time, is proactive, communicates well with clients, goes the extra mile, trustworthy, dependable and reliable and is PROMPT, ……The person I would hire would be Jay. Jay is good people. Continued success!!!!” August 21, 2009

Nagasilpa Moparthi (Placed client)

“Jay is a great person to work with. He applies his exceptional personality with his outstanding capabilities in recruitment, makes the process so transparent and always keeps informing the status with his candid opinions and honest advices.” February 23, 2009

Thom Probus (Placed client)

“Jay is the best recruiter I’ve ever worked with – bar none! He is “head and shoulders” above the pack, and I would gladly recommend him for his excellent professionalism, superior people skills, and canny insight.” October 6, 2009

Mike Summers CIO / VP Solution Services, SESC (Colleague)

“Jay is an exceptionally hard working individual with a passion for his trade as a technical recruiter. He is committed to working with his colleagues in Recruiting, Sales and Technology to fully understand the requirements for the open job positions. He does an excellent job in qualifying his candidates on both the hard and soft skills associated with each open position.” March 9, 2009

Paulina Willingham Sr. Technical Recruiter, Systems Engineering Services Corporation (Colleague)

“Jay is a strong professional with a broad understanding of the marketplace. His commitment to quality, sense of urgency, and high level of integrity is ever apparent in his work. Jay works consistently to build his network while learning about each candidate he supports to ensure that there is a good fit. It is a rarity to find the work ethic and tenacity that Jay possesses. He is an extremely professional recruiter who is dedicated and committed to his job at the highest level possible!” July 23, 2009

Beta Bisrat (Placed client)

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“Jay provided me a great opportunity in a very short time. He was extremely helpful and very professional.” December 4, 2007

Celeste Martinez (Placed client)

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“Jay is a true professional whose opinions and advice I highly valued during my job search. Jay helped me get the job I truly wanted.” January 13, 2008

Rasel Ali (Placed client)

Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

“If you are looking for a job or career, he is the man. Call him” June 21, 2009

Dan Hartz, Jr. (Placed client)

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“Jay did an outstanding job helping me find a new job. He was very thorough, reliable, well informed and extremely knowledgeable through out my entire job search. That said, my job search did not last very long after I starting working with him – I believe he found me my current position inside of a week’s time (and it was a perfect fit!). I HIGHLY recommend Jay to anyone looking for help in finding their next career move.” April 21, 2008

Augustus Medina Senior Recruiter Inova Health System (Client)

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

“I used to work with Jay during our First Virginia days and I have also used him to assist in recruiting for my last employer (Inova Health System). Jay treated my hiring managers as if he was their own recruiter. He responded to all their requests in a timely manner and was able to provide excellent customer service. Jay was able assist in hard to fill positions such as Sr. Financial Auditor and Sr. HR Generalist. He has an uncanny ability to track down passive candidates and get them interested and motivated to apply for my openings.” February 20, 2007

Stacie Wilson-Smith Senior Associate-Architecture, MBA Management, Inc. (Colleague)

“Jay Perreault is an EXCELLENT recruiter and business developer. His true desire to help bridge relationships makes him trust worthy, dependable, and consistent. Jay’s professionalism is above expectations and his drive is immeasurable. I look forward to continuing to network with and be a friend to Jay for many years to come.” February 18, 2009

Kwok Ong, Jr. (Placed client)

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“The career transition process was a stressful and trying time for me and my family. Working with Jay at my side, I was able to have the confidence and information needed to find that next place in my career. Like a big brother, his expert support and guidance through the different phases of the transition was priceless. I would definitely like to use his services in the future and recommend him to anyone.” August 5, 2007

Megan Newell Director of Placement, (Business partner)

“Jay has been a pleasure to work with. He regularly fills me in on the job openings that he has available so that I can send him the most qualified candidates. His responses are always timely and I have enjoyed working with him thoroughly.” February 11, 2008

Susan Robison Interim Director Center for Career Development, College of Business & Economics at West Virginia University (Business partner)

“Having had the opportunity to work with Jay for several years, I never cease to be amazed by the contagious energy he brings to anything with which he becomes involved. His motivation and work ethic are exceeded only by his remarkable personality as Jay consistently brings fresh ideas and new perspectives to the table. Although we no longer work in the same state, it is no surprise to me when I see his name come up as part of a new endeavor or initiative. Jay Perreault – fabulous resource, great guy!” April 17, 2009

Tish Dalton Senior Vice President, First Virginia Bank (Client)

“Jay joined the FVBI recruiting staff while I was managing the Investor Services Group in Asset Management. I found him to be a very positive and professional recruiter, who took the initiative to learn the unique requirements of our specialized area, and could always be counted on to be proactive and to follow through.” April 25, 2008