Enterprise Storage Administrator


The Enterprise Storage Administrator is responsible for the operations and maintenance of storage that supports Exchange, SQL, SMS, file services, backups, security log storage and various web servers for INOSC West’s Classified and Unclassified networks. The Enterprise Storage Administrator also maintains array based data replication for the Continuity of Operations (COOP) site in the event of a primary site failure.


The Enterprise Storage Administrator has knowledge of storage network concepts, the interoperability of storage networking, planning and solution architecture and storage networking operations. The Enterprise Storage Administrator is responsible for architecture, design, implementation, maintenance, performance tuning, disaster recovery and defining policy.


Day-to-day activities include switch zoning, port assignments, storage provisioning, performance tuning, scripting for automation of tasks, software configurations, product evaluation, addressing compatibility issues and tracking revisions for compatibility.


Preferred Experience:

  • Experience in design, operation, configuration and support of:
    • HP Disk Arrays (XP, EVA, MSA) and EMC CLARiiON Disk Arrays
    • Fibre Channel switches and routers (Brocade, Cisco, McDATA)
    • NAS storage servers from HP and other vendors.
    • High Availability solutions and architectures
    • Synchronous/asynchronous data replication for COOP
    • FC to IP conversion appliances with FC compression (Brocade, Cisco)
  • Experience in installation, operation and configuration of SAN management servers supporting the following applications: HP OV Storage Essentials, HP Secure Path Manager 4.0, HP StorageWorks MPIO, Command View XP AE, RAIDManager for XP, Performance Advisor for XP, Replication Monitor for XP, Command View EVA, Data Replication Manger, EMC Navisphere and Cisco Fabric Manager
  • Solid understanding of various levels of hardware RAID including performance considerations



  • Maintain documentation of all storage devices including arrays, switches/routers, servers, tape libraries and interconnecting cables
  • Provide technical support to application administrators
  • Ensure availability and security of the storage environment
  • Planning and implementation of changes
  • Provide root cause analysis
  • Capacity management in the storage environment
  • Implement new technologies in the customer’s environment
  • Satisfy all Service Delivery Summaries applicable to the reporting group
  • Troubleshooting technical problems that are complex in nature.
  • Mandatory weekends and holidays ‘on-call’ support to meet business requirements

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