Senior Network Engineer


1. Provide daily administrative and engineering on-site support in analyzing, designing, implementing and administering the Smithsonian’s Cisco Network Infrastructure and associated network components. This will include but not be limited to the creation and maintenance of the NOC Operations Manual that must be reviewed and approved by the COTR and OCIO Management on a bi-annual basis.

2. Optionally provide on a rotational basis and at the discretion of the COTR, one engineer to assist the network group working out of the Smithsonian Capitol Gallery location.

3. Ability to plan, organize, coordinate and execute technical projects, often requiring expert analysis and direction to teams of other specialists.

4. Ability to evaluate emerging technologies in order to contribute to long-range planning for system evolution. Includes ability to conduct market research and provide reports showing best in business/industry leading directions.

5. Provide daily morning network infrastructure integrity checks and provide management with a morning report that outlines a) the status of the infrastructure, b) any problems that were found and were either rectified and/or must be rectified to include details of steps taken and/or that should be taken (must be clearly stated), and c) proactive measures that should be discussed with management so that optimal support can be provided to SI management and customers.

6. Maintenance of the Network Management Diagrams to include all CISCO Infrastructure components and associated network devices. Diagrams are maintained in a Microsoft Visio format.

7. Creation of Network Infrastructure log books to house problem management documentation, change management documentation, and status check lists.

8. Creation and maintenance of Master Infrastructure Components List for Smithsonian Institution detailing individual locations and configurations for all network infrastructure components.

Must have current CCNP or better.

Microsoft 2003 & 2008 experience.

Linux/Unix experience.

MINIMUM of 5+ years of experience in an Enterprise Cisco LAN and WAN environment (supporting minim 2,000 users).

1. Must have expert knowledge of and skill in administering current CISCO Infrastructure components and associated network devices to serve as a technical authority in advising management and system administrators agency-wide for purposes of long-range planning, development of standards and guidance, and evaluation of overall operational system.

2. CISCO Certified Network Professional (CCNP) or better certification is required with at least 3 years of related network infrastructure experience. This includes the ability to be able to create access lists on routers for the purposes of bandwidth utilization and security management, perform switch and router IOS (and/or Cat OS) and hardware upgrades, deploy new routers and switches, install memory and flash updates as needed to accomplish IOS (and/or Cat OS) upgrades, and monitor and maintain the network utilizing SW/HW tools.

3. Must have skills as a network engineer in support of CISCO systems, including the administration of Gig and ATM equipment and the use of EIGRP and BGP routing protocols. Systems administration includes configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting, and resolution of any problems that arise.

4. Solid understanding of and skill in applying TCP/IP and associated networking protocols. This should include the knowledge of how various TCP/IP ports (e.g. SNMP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, HTTP, HTTPS, etc) can affect security within an organization to the extent that expert advice can be given to SI management and system administrators to improve support and security of SI devices, systems, and associated components.

5. A firm grasp on how an infrastructure should be configured to maximize security throughout various infrastructure components to include firewall configurations (e.g. PIX, CheckPoint), VPN configurations, and edge router configurations. Methodologies for how to properly create zones for external servers and clients, DMZ servers and clients, and internal servers and clients should be well known.

6. Must be able to perform modifications to network management software (e.g. HP Openview, What’s Up Gold, CACTI, Cisco Works, etc.) as directed by the COTR and/or OCIO Management.

7. Ability to plan, organize, coordinate and execute technical projects, often requiring leading teams of other specialists.

8. Ability to evaluate emerging technologies in order to contribute to long-range planning and technical review models for system evolution. Includes ability to conduct detailed market research and provide reports to OCIO and SI management.

9. Ability to work in an environment with shifting priorities and assignments.

10. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing to a variety of audiences.

11. Background in service delivery, (i.e., communicating effectively in consultation, managing expectations, keeping customers informed regarding system changes and specific problem investigations). In planning, this task relates to how the incumbent seeks and carefully evaluates input from the user community.

12. Need to have commanding knowledge in Microsoft Windows 2003 & 2008.

13. Need to have Linux / UNIX experience RHL Enterprise and or Solaris 9 and 10.

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