Admissions Counselor

Location: Outreach and Admissions Offices

Regular Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Position Location: Pierre, SD (or close proximity to Pierre, SD)

Duties and Responsibilities

Plans and implements the outreach and admissions program to ensure that the team reaches its performance goals and that quality students are successfully recruited for the Job Corps program.

Duties include:

• Maintains and documents Area Marketing Plan (AMP);

• Plans and implements outreach activities to ensure a sufficient number of referrals;

• Conducts in-depth interviews with applicants;

• Collects and records accurate data and signatures on forms as required;

• Establishes appropriate contacts with community agencies and businesses for connections with youth eligible for Job Corps;

• Reviews and assesses all application materials and makes personal observations for informed judgment as to applicants’ eligibility for the program;

• Approves or rejects all applications to Job Corps with the exception of applications for readmissions, or of those needing medical, behavioral, or mental health review

• Establishes rapport with applicants and provides them with ongoing support through the application process, pre-departure, and during center stay;

• Meets applicable contract performance data;

• Provides applicants with accurate information about Job Corps, including program requirements and rules of conduct to be followed by students;

• Introduces applicant to Labor Market Information about availability of jobs in applicant’s preferred vocation in his/her hometown area;

• Is well-informed about each Job Corps center for which the Admissions Counselor recruits and maintains connection with each centers’ website;

• Obtains, when directed by Job Corps Regional Office, additional health information needed to make a final eligibility determination;

• Updates student information such as addresses and contact information to ensure that it is accurate and current;

• Establishes and maintains positive partnerships with center staff to ensure that center receive committed and informed applicants and that students receive quality services;

• Maintains and updates records according to federal requirements;

• Records all applications in OASIS and forwards to the appropriate center;

• Ensures that Policy and Requirements Handbook rules for assignment, ticket accountability, departure, and ‘no-shows,’ are adhered to;

• Maintains clear documentation on file that denied applicants are informed, counseled, and referred to other resources when appropriate; and performs other duties as assigned.


Skilled in social work, counseling, or sales; able to plan and carry out approved procedures; considerable public contact, may supervise associate and assistant level support staff.

Qualifications and Standards

Bachelor’s degree and/or related experience working with youth equaling four years; one-year experience in sales, marketing or counseling related services; other requirements including word processing experience, and strong communication and organizational skills.

This position requires extension local travel throughout the Central South Dakota region.

Candidates must have reliable transportation and a valid Driver’s license.

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