Web Developer / Web Administrator- Washington, DC NE


U.S. Citizenship

Scope of Responsibilities/Expectations:

• Design, develop, implement, and maintain static and dynamic Web sites and applications according to user requirements for multiple Internet and intranet sites.
• Develop application software/components as required to support the associated environment.
• Elicit and document user requirements, incorporating usability best practices.
• Document and test all work products and changes before deployment to production.
• Scan all developed code for known security vulnerabilities and resolve them to produce secure, error-free code.
• Monitor Web usage statistics and produce/update analytics reports.
• Identify, diagnose, and fix Web site problems.
• Operate, maintain, and administer Web development, presentation, and hosting tools (including media, content management, trouble ticket tracking, and version control systems).
• Collect information and prepare documents required in the Certification and Accreditation of systems.
• Work closely with customers and other team members to meet business needs.

Specific Knowledge/Skills:

• 2 – 7+ years as a Web Developer / Web Administrator
• LAMP stack
• PHP-based Content Management System (CMS) experience
• Model–View–Controller (MVC)
• Application of secure coding practices and vulnerability assessment
• Configuration and use of Apache Subversion (SVN), or similar a plus

• Able to write code utilizing Object Oriented Programming practices
• Capable of diagnosing errors and debugging
• Able to debug and/or leverage multi-dimensional arrays

• Debug and/or extend existing core JavaScript code
• Create new JavaScript core code (when appropriate)
• JQuery experience a plus

• Database design and implementation
• SQL syntax and best practices
• DDL Creation and execution
• Database diagramming and documentation

• Familiarity from user perspective
• Administration (using WordPress UI)
• Experience selecting plugins/themes to meet a customer requirements
• Modifying and extending existing plugins/themes
• Custom theme development
• Custom plugin development
• PHP programming (OOP)
• Secure deployment skills
• WordPress hardening

Vulnerability Assessment
• Familiar with Web site attack techniques, both the type which can be detected by scanning, and those that require deeper understanding of application.
• Familiar with common practices and techniques to protect Web applications

• Familiar with Web application firewalls
• Familiar with Core Rule Set (CRS)
• Experience and/or familiarity with writing custom rules
• ModSecurity debugging and troubleshooting practices

• Services
• DNS maintenance
• Shell scripts
• Cron jobs
• User administration

Apache Web Server
• Service configuration
• VirtualHost directives
• Reverse proxy directives
• mod_rewrite directives
• Experience with Tomcat a plus

If interested, please send your resume to federal.contractor@usa.com