As a senior staff member, manages staff and activities associated with the release of a commercial software application.  These include configuration management/version control, issue tracking, release planning, software builds, development of software installers, software packaging, maintenance releases, licensing, and customer support help desk.  Has responsibility for the instruction, assignment, direction, and monitoring of the performance of assigned staff members. Schedules and coordinates release-related efforts and provides technical guidance.   


Works closely with software development managers and team to ensure an understanding of the products and features to be developed and released.

Maintains schedules for activities related to configuration management, software builds, development of software installers, and packaging of major, minor, and maintenance releases of a commercial software product suite.

Maintains hardware and software infrastructure for configuration management/version control, issue tracking, software builds, and development of software installers.

Serves as a member of the product Change Control Board (CCB) to advise on the impact and scheduling of software change requests.

Establishes, refines, maintains, and enforces processes and procedures associated with software release activities in accordance with CMMI level 3.

Ensures compliance with third-party vendor agreements for the usage and redistribution of OEM software.

Oversees software licensing of a commercial software product suite.

Responsible for managing a level-1 technical support team providing telephone and email customer support.

Responsible for managing team members involved in the provision of software builds and product installers.

Responsible for managing the software release process for major, minor and maintenance releases.  This includes tracking customer support issues that require resolution in the form of software patches.

Develops performance plans and evaluations of employees, as well as reviews evaluations to assure equity of individual employee performance objectives, standards and ratings.

Has responsibility for the employment, training, motivation, discipline and performance evaluation of assigned employees.


U.S. Citizen

Experience with formal SDLC processes preferably in the context of CMMI level 3 or higher.

Experience managing activities associated with the release of commercial software products.

Experience using commercial or open source tools for configuration management/version control and issue tracking.

Experience with usage of software tools for building and packaging software applications.

Experience with Microsoft Office products.

Experience with Microsoft Project.

Strong written and verbal communication skills.

Detail oriented but also able to see the big picture.


Typically requires bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and 10 to 12 years of related experience, including one to two years of supervisory/management experience.


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