Language Instructors, Assistant Language Instructors and Cultural Advisors

Domiciled at each customer training site, as specified in TOs, Language Instructors adhere to instructional standards for student-centered, communicative, mission-relevant training. Work with tailored curriculum development encompassing LREC training technologies; attentive instructional supervision; integration of REC content; and the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (ADDIE) process. Trains students to communicate in the target language in interaction with native speakers, and to comprehend in reading and listening activities. Study includes: work with military vocabulary, political and economic language requirements with special focus on areas of relevance defined in the TO. Work with periodicals and authentic listening materials; incorporating REC content to prepare students to interact in the target culture. Proficiency and performance assessments using weekly quizzes, mock OPI tests, and other methods specified by the Government.


Minimum Requirements

-Clearance: Secret.

-Education: Bachelor’s Degree with preference given to degrees in teaching, education, language, or a closely related field; for senior roles the requirement is a Master’s Degree with preference given to degrees in foreign language teaching, secondary education, applied linguistics, or a closely related field.

-Experience: 2 years of foreign language teaching experience (within the last 18 months) at the secondary level or higher, or 6 years of relatable teaching experience at the secondary level or higher

-Language Proficiency: A score of 2+ in reading, speaking and listening based on a Defense Language Proficiency Test or another industry recognized test such as ALTA in one of the Somali language.


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