Location: Afghanistan

Reports To: Program Manager


– The Database Manager requires a Top Secret/SCI security clearance and must have advanced technical knowledge of database application used with the US DoD to include those used in DCGS-A and be familiar with managing computer applications and intelligence related automation to support collection, analytical efforts and product development.

– The Database Manager preferably can demonstrate knowledge of how intelligence is often derived from information that is concealed or not intended to be available for use by the acquirer; and is the product of a cyclical process.

– The Manager must have minimum of four years technical experience within DoD or equivalent Government agencies, with operational level experience preferred. Experience in either CT, Middle East regional issues and HUMINT or political/military analysis desired. Associate’s Degree minimum, with Bachelor’s Degree preferred.

– The Database Manager must demonstrate a knowledge of the processes, functions, activities and organizations that are involved in the planning, gathering, and analyzing information of potential value to decision-makers and to the production of intelligence as defined above, and be able to identify technical and policy solutions to ease analysts’ access to data stored in multiple repositories.

– The Database Manager must demonstrate a basic knowledge of the products resulting from the collection, collation, evaluation, analysis, integration, and interpretation of all collected information.

– The Database Manager identifies data sources which could yield potentially relevant information for the functional or geographical area being assessed. Where intelligence gaps exist, the analyst works with the collection requirements manager to define and implement collection strategies to collect information to bridge these gaps. For situations where the collection disciplines do not yield the required data, the Database Manager can develop analytical tools such as methodologies, heuristic models, and simulations to bridge information gaps.

– The Database Manager works with customers, to determine the product that satisfies the largest number of priority customer requirements; produces finished intelligence products to include one-on-one discussions with senior national policy makers, presentations to an international forum such as a NATO conference, preparation of papers on foreign military capabilities for combat developers to direct planning for future US military materiel, performance effectiveness analyses for operational commanders, and many others. The Database Manager regularly represents their company as subject matter experts in their functional areas at USFOR A or interagency intelligence community working groups.

– The Database Manager must develop and carry out a unique production effort to satisfy diverse requirements, within the limitations of this contract.

Must have familiarity with all of these systems:

CI/HUMINT Information Management Systems (CHIMS); CI/HUMINT Automated Tool Set (CHATS); CI/HUMINT All Source Integration System (CHASIS); JWICS; M3; Query Tree; SIPRNET; NIPRNET; Pathfinder; BATS; ArcGIS; Falcon View; CIDNE; Defense Source Operations Management (DSOM); DCGS-A; WebTas; HOTR; Source Operations Management Module (SOMM)

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