Duration: 18 months + 

Job Description:  

This candidate will responsible be for managing the software installations & managing the software configuration in ALL environments. This individual will ensure that all users will have access to the right environment with the right software installed on their machine. 

  • This person will manage all software installations (people and process) above the OS to support the installation. It is expected that the configuration of each ‘environment’ be understood and documented.
  • Executes installation plans and revises as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements.
  • Keeps project manager & users well informed of status of software installations and serves as liaison between installation staff and project manager.
  • Ensures installation team is contributing to the successful implementation
  • Owns the instance management & software installation and is responsible for managing technical risks throughout the project.
  • Communicates and enforces configuration control on ALL environments.
  • Performs reviews and mentors installation team.
  • Manages technical resources within budget and project schedule.
  • Consistently delivers high-quality services to our clients. 

Skills and Experience: 

  • Familiar with WebLogic; AIX 6.x; Oracle 11x, complex software installations of 3rd party software.
  • Familiar with MS platform and installation and administration of BizTalk 10 years experience Software Installation in Enterprise Environment.
  • 5 years experience with AIX 6.x environment.
  • 1 year experience with MS Installations (Messaging/aka BizTalk)
  • Experience with project management and systems administration 

**Ability to work in the US without sponsorship (Green Card, US Citizen) 

If interested e-mail jperreault@sesc.com or call Jay at 202-596-5411 or network at http://itcontract.ning.com/group/DCTech